30 Day Challenge: Sensory Deprivation Day 4

Sensory Deprivation: Day 4

Evolving on the experience from Day 3, my body hit another immediate level of stillness the second I entered the tank... Ready for more recovery, ready for more relaxation, ready for more integration, and ready for more discovery. It seemed to be that the more calm my body became, the more clear my thoughts felt. I was really able to perceive each individual thought as their own fabric to my full conscious being. When thoughts become this clear.... it's amazing how much we don't notice the distractions that are present (because we can still function, so we believe they are only distractions when they are present enough to disrupt our entire operation), but enough ripples in the water (raindrops, seemingly small) can disrupt the entire flow of the Lake.

Quite the mind, and the body will follow. Quite the body, and the mind will follow. I believe more and more that perception is your frame of movement and motion, as well. If you are intimated or afraid of making a motion, your body language will show your emotions, but if you are confident and ready to move, your body will flow more freely in the direction you wish to move in. Now, I am not sure if this can be 'hacked' or not... I am not fully sure if we can be nervous but react in full confidence as well, or if there are still subtleties that can not be picked up by the human eye, but still experienced through the body. Perhaps, this is where Bruce Lee introduces the infamous "Be water my friend" quote, perhaps, he is referring to holding a cool, smooth, level of perception that your body will follow. It is often said to be that the calmer fighter will win over the fighter who moves with anger or aggression. This may be because your mind is focused on something other than the moment at hand, but what is being felt or experienced in the moment at hand (often linked to the past or future). When we are more calm, untampered with, uninfluenced, or more balanced then we are better able to respond to the openness of the moment from a neutral and nonjudgmental platform.

You will begin to notice the changes of your body motions and movement patterns when you move under certain emotional states as well. Really do your best to move from a calm and smooth state of mind, then try to tense up from anger or the desire to deliver power into an object. These two emotions alone hold completely different representations through your body. Play with these ideas and feel free to let me know!! Perception may be more linked to body movement than we realize.

Float On!!!!

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