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XPAND Inward:
The Meditation Guide is here!

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Encompassing Authenticity

XPAND is an eco-conscious company that specializes in meditation, mindfulness, movement, and unified health of the body and mind. Our purpose is to provide an environment built for discovery and help push the evolution of consciousness further along. We are providing proper education and resources, giving back to planet earth, and bringing our community of open-minded people together from all around the world. Join us on our collective journey of deeper discovery, both internally and externally.

Over Everything

Whether it be The XPAND Podcast, our apparel line, or any of the products and courses we create, our top priority is providing you the highest quality possible.

Within the realm of fitness, meditation, and wellness, the XPAND brand sets a distinct focus on mindfulness, movement, and community.


Wim Hof Method Workshop
Boise, ID
October 19th!

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New XPAND Podcast episode,

available now!

The XPAND Podcast takes an introspective look into life and draws on the experiences of amazing guests in the wellness, fitness, artistic world, and beyond.

New episodes are released every Tuesday, and are available to watch and listen on your favorite platform:


"We represent expansion, in all facets of life."

— Zerin Beattie, Founder

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