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XPAND Fitness and Meditation (Boise, ID)

XPAND is a health and mindfulness company determined to share professional knowledge and experience from all around the world. We believe that continual progress can be harnessed by balancing the important pillars of mindfulness, knowledge, intention, patience, fluidity, experience, and consistency.


Boise River - Polar Bear Plunge

Join us Saturday mornings @ 8 a.m. for a dip in the Boise River.

1001 S. Leadville Ave Boise, ID 83706

 The XPAND Podcast


30 Day Challenge: Sensory Deprivation (days 10-12 featured)

Women's Kundalini Shirt


Men's Samurai Tank


Fitness/Meditation Program

Would you like to become the best version of yourself? With the XPAND mentality we focus on enhancing our awareness towards our environment, patterns, body, and mind. Our practice involves combining the body and mind with our group training programs, providing products to help build mindfulness and clarity, and respectfully sharing information from around the world. Join us as we move towards human development with a supportive, friendly, and well-established tribe.