30 Day Challenge: Sensory Deprivation Day 5

Sensory Deprivation: Day 5

"Wow.... this post-float video felt phenomenally fluid... Day 5 of the 30 Day Sensory Deprivation Challenge in the books. Our body wants to communicate, it wants to feel good, it wants to be healthy, it wants to help you make love and hold the people you love dear to you. Feeling remarkably grateful to even be able to post this, hold the camera, or even breath. Our bodies are phenomenal allies in our experience of life. Float on, everybody. Float on." - Social Media Caption

Our bodies are phenomenal allies in our existence and participation of life. They help us make love, express emotions, hold the people we care about, experience blissful moments of life, breath, digest nutrients, heal sickness, get rid of waste, replenish, recover, grow, learn, process, communicate, learn, and learn, and learn, and learn. Our nervous system has come to be very important to me in my understanding of overall health, muscle activation, communication, stimulation, balance, deliverance of power and force, circulation, and more. To be able to respect, appreciate, and feed this deeper part of our bodies has become essential to my understanding of health, safety, and movement.

Feeling extraordinarily grateful for the process of life, being able to be, and every 'minor' fabric that helps piece together the bigger picture of existence. How much do we miss? When we aren't able to perceive, be patient, or feel the deeper parts of reality? There really are worlds of moments within each breath, moment, heartbeat, and blink of an eye.

Float on, everybody... Float on.

Zerin Beattie