30 Day Challenge: Sensory Deprivation Day 3

Sensory Deprivation: Day 3

My body hit immediately relaxation the second I entered the tank. It was almost as if my being knew what was about to come... An opportunity for recovery. I'm not sure I moved the entire time while being in the water... And when the music came back on for me to leave, the last thing I wanted to do was move. I legitimately wanted to float for as long as possible.

We recommend everyone commit to a minimum of 3 floats to decide if floating is for them or not. This isn't a way of selling people on more sessions, this is because it legitimately takes our body and mind a short amount of time to adapt to an entirely different scenario and environment. Especially, one that you may have never experienced before in this way. No gravity. No light. No sound. And nothing for your body/mind connection to calculate as potential danger for survival. Therefor, allowing the processes of your mind to relax and run smoothly for possibly one of the first times in your entire life.

Today, I experienced the benefits of floating 3 days in a row, instead of separating each float by days or weeks and allowing my baseline to return to where it was before I was able to fully integrate the new lessons learned. Powerful. Progress.

Float On!!!!

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