The XPAND Meditation Guide


The XPAND Meditation Guide is a one-of-a-kind, multi-item product, that is perfect for every meditation enthusiast. The hand-crafted items contained within The Meditation Guide are authentic, all-natural, and eco-friendly:

  • Himalayan Journal

  • Palo Santo

  • Beeswax Candle

  • Beeswax Dipped Hemp Wick

  • Natural Tea

  • Shipibo Tribe Necklace

  • Abalone Shell

  • Japanese Sandalwood Incense

  • White Sage

  • Traditional Incense Holder

The XPAND Meditation Guide
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The XPAND Meditation Guide
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What’s included:


Beeswax Dipped Hemp Wick

All-natural hemp wick coated in a thin layer of beeswax to influence a slower, cooler burn. Use this wick to light your various items without having to burn butane for a long time.

-Burns slow/uniform

-Natural alternative to lighters/torches


-No added scents


Beeswax Candle

Beeswax and wick. That is it. Use this beeswax candle as a visual aid for meditation or to hold a long flame to palo santo, sage, and incense.

-100% Natural

-No added scents or colors

-Long burn time

-Bright/warm glow



Palo Santo

The wood of a native tree found in South America, Palo Santo is often used in burning practices designed to rid an area of harmful energies and bring good luck. Known for its pleasurable and powerful scent, palo santo is a great tool to ease into a calm, mindful state.

-Reusable, one stick will last many burn cycles

-100% Natural

-Sage alternative

-Perfect for burning/cleansing practices

-Lightweight and Mobile makes it great for travel


Himalayan Journal

These Himalayan journals are handcrafted by natives of the mountain, using a tradition of papermaking dating back thousands of years. Made from the bark from the Lokta tree, the paper is durable, renewable, and beautiful.

Texts using this style of papermaking have been discovered intact and dated to nearly 2,000 without special handling. With care, this journal will hold your thoughts for a lifetime.

-Handcrafted using traditional methods

-Made of renewable plant fibers

-Durable and artisanal

-Medium portable size

-Naturally resistant to tearing, insects and mold


Japanese Sandalwood Incense & Traditional Holder


Shipibo Tribe Necklace

These beautiful necklaces are handmade in Peru, each one notably unique from the next. Containing either gemstones, Mother Ayahuasca root, or both; and woven together with natural twine, these are indeed one of a kind.

-Handmade (by a friend of Xpand)

-All components found in the jungle

-Hand-selected gemstones

-Support small tribes


Natural Tea

Ignite your day with the beautiful smell, and taste is this natural herbal tea. The blend we provide is designed to induce calm and relaxation. Preparing a cup of tea can be a calming and elevating morning routine that sets a tone and intention for the rest of the day, or grounds you into your evening practice.


Cardamom, saffron, licorice root, fennel, ginger root, cinnamon, rosebuds, lemongrass, and rose scent.

-All-Natural ingredients

-Composable bag

-Support local/small business


Abalone Shell

We Include this shell as a burning bowl to safely hold lit items. Often referred to as a smudge bowl, their natural shape and beauty have made the abalone shell a long-time favorite for such purposes.

(long tradition across cultures, symbolizes bringing mother earth into ceremony)

-Natural/reusable bowl

-Use for burning sage, palo santo, and other herbs

-Each one unique


White Sage

Sage burning was long ago believed to cleanse an area of impurities, which may stem from its natural antimicrobial properties. Studies have found benefits of smoldering sage range from clearing airborne bacteria to improving mental cognition, energy levels, sleep insomnia, stress, and more.

-100% natural fragrance

-Cleans airborne bacteria (Antimicrobial)

-Improve cognition

-Reduce stress

-Lasting aroma


Also included!

The XPAND Meditation Guide instructional booklet is a powerful resource containing full descriptions of the contents, item-specific meditations, as well as bonus meditations.