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The XPAND Podcast takes an introspective look into life and draws on the experiences of amazing guests in the wellness, fitness, artistic world, and beyond.

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Meet the Team


Zerin Beattie

Zerin, XPAND's Founder, provides a platform for people to comprehend internal boundaries and hone deeper into the present moment. His experiences in martial arts, world travel, and mindful practices continue to transform his life in ever expanding ways. Inspired by Bruce Lee's mentality behind Jeet Kune Do, "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own", XPAND cultivates the strengths within all styles of life to create a beautifully compounded ecosystem of healthy living.


Jacob Butcher

Managing the technological aspects of the system, Jacob has been an essential component in strengthening the hidden aspects that create a solid structure of operation. Every factor of the system is equally important as the next and we can count on Jacob to discover these elements and rewire them for heightened performance.

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