30 Day Challenge: Sensory Deprivation Day 2

Sensory Deprivation: Day 2

Day 2 Results:

I was worrying for most of the day if I would even be able to squeeze in a float session and it was only day 2. After fully committing to this challenge, I found an opening in the middle of the day instead of having to come back for a late night session. When I finally got inside of the tank, I realized that all we have to do is actually DO what we want to do. We spend so much time worrying about finding time for the gym, worrying about meditating, worrying about going for a walk, or worrying about anything else we wish to be doing... When in reality, all we have to do is actually DO what we wish to do. When we begin the moment of DOING, our worries go away and we are better able to accept and receive the benefits we know we would experience.

This sent a sense of accomplishment through my entire body... an aaahhhhh, at last type of feeling. Finally, we are here. No more worries about being here, just time to be where we wish to be. Breathing. Feeling. Absorbing. Sorting. Sifting. Shifting. Adapting. Adjusting. And reaching new levels of perception. I could feel my body begin to relax more and more from the progress made the day before. The second tank felt extremely comfortable, welcoming, inviting, relaxing, rejuvenating, calming, and worthwhile. I was also able to sort through some of the unsolved residue from the thoughts during the day before. Unknowing, that there was more to work through involving what I was dealing with about 24 hours prior. 

(Realizing this while writing: it was almost as if my body-mind knew there was more to calmly put into place that was hidden beneath the surface of my conscious mind. I did not try to think about anything in particular, but my perception naturally knew where to go.) 

My body was also beginning to hit deeper and deeper states of relaxation. I barely remember moving or adjusting throughout the whole session. Becoming calmer and calmer in both my body and mind.

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