30 Day Challenge: Sensory Deprivation Day 1

Sensory Deprivation Day 1:

I have been an avid floater and meditator for years, but I have been recently interested in floating for 30 days straight and really paying attention to the benefits or results of grouping 30 float sessions back to back. Most of my float sessions are spaced between days or weeks at a time, and I have never completed more than 3 floats in one week.

I have recently become the manager of Stillwater Float Center in Boise, ID and have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to see where this challenge can go. I am really looking forward to experiencing the differences in both my body and mind and I mindfully venture through this voyage.

Thank you to everyone who will join me for this journey and watch the progress along the way!

Day 1: Results

My body has become well-adjusted to floating over the past several years, but it usually takes me a few moments to comfortably adapt back into each float. Work was absolutely madness the day I started the challenge and there were several concepts rolling through my mind, concepts that could very well determine the future outcome in many different ways. I was able to come into Stillwater towards the end of my day (8pm) and hopefully sort through what was happening, as well as begin the 30 day process. When I entered the tank, my body began to relax sooner than normal and my thoughts were flowing through the environment in fluid wave-like fashion. It was almost as if my consciousness was expanded within the full perimeter of the tank, enabling it to move more freely without being congested together.

(Realizing this while I am writing this: perhaps the fluidity of the water helps show or represent where your mind is operating from. If there are continual waves, perhaps this is showing the movement of your mind through your body. If there are crashing waves, maybe this is representing that your mind can not calm down and is operating within a more chaotic state. But, if the water is undergoing stillness, perhaps this is representing the stillness of your body mind connection, thus allowing both of them to run more smoothly.)

Each one of my 'problems' or thoughts were coming up into my conscious perception in a smooth and fluid fashion, allowing me to really work through and sort through each individual notion without becoming attached to one more than another. This really help me sift through everything that I had been dealing with and bring my body-mind back to a really healthy baseline, which I believe with help me make better decisions when dealing with these situations from here on.

I am really looking forward to watching and experiencing how this journey plays through.

Thank you all!!

Zerin BeattieComment