Mother Ayahuasca: Ceremony Three

My journey through the cosmos. January, 2016.

Within this article, there is a representation of how my third Ayahuasca Ceremony went within the holding hands of the Amazon Rainforest.... These experiences are shared to be hopeful guides for people of Planet Earth. I am not declaring the messages from these experiences to be solidified truths for people to follow, but the sharing of my own personal experiences with the plant medicine in the jungle. Please, feel free to respond or react how your intuitive self feels to do so.... you are you. I am me. And we, are we. 


"Enjoy my precious compadre. 

I was graciously presented, the story of the universe. 

Mother Ayahuasca, as gentle as ever, guided me through the magnificent Forest in which she lives. Taking me on a tale of tales, connecting me to the conscious matter of Mother Nature. Holding my hand along the way, in hopes to reveal the secrets within. The secrets hidden beneath the surfaced smile of our jungled youth. With the help of her loving friends, they guided me through the jungle. Welcoming me into their tribal rituals and connected culture of life. They are, connected. They are, happily experiencing the tremendous qualities of connection to a greater source of life. Of Mother Earth. Of the breathing heartbeats that surround. She slowly coasted into the depths of the hurt and heartache within. The wondering of, why? Why me? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Hanging there in hostiled confusion. Swaying the atmosphere of the story into a buried sense of guilt and depression. A sense of loss. Playing destroyed daughter after destroyed daughter resting in the heavy screams of loved ones. She dances on the pole for attention from another source. A source she values more important than her own. Neglected by the love of her family, searching. For any sense of acceptance. Only to cause more pain to the disrupted love struck lightning bolt of her own mother. Why? Why are you doing this to yourself? Refusing to understand the pain and suffering her daughter sits in silence with. Neglected of love, looking for acceptance any way she could, only to add to the destruction of her own childhood memories. The sadness fades out. We now better understand the hurt hidden beneath the smile covering her obliterated emotion..

We are one. She accepts me. My heart, my respect, my willingness to help. As the final stages of the chapter begin to turn, she welcomes me into her family as one. With the Forest. With Mother Earth. Introducing me to the people that look after her powerful presence in the jungle. Greeting me with smiles and generosity. Letting me climb the family tree of her people. Of their people. Showing me the grandfather tree of wisdomized lessons. Overseeing the people, giving guidance through experience and the kindness of his heart. She pulls me up the stairs of her kingdom, allowing me to oversee everything she loves and stands for. True beauty. My root chakra begins to fire open. Blasting unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I feel her vines flow through my body, up my spine, and into the hands of the being I will become. She lives through me. She loves through me. She has accepted me as one of them. With the full understanding that I will protect her. In this life, and the next. We are one. For all of eternity. 

We begin to overlook the Galaxy. The universe of all. The creation of existence. She wants me to understand. There is nothing to worry about. There is nothing to ever worry about. I see the wise waiting in the space above, accompanied by the seasoned spirits of existence. Warriors of the conscious world. Protectors of the universe. Guardians of the Galactica. Calm, collect, wise. They have been there. They have seen it all. They have felt it all. They have experienced it all. Each one providing a different characteristic to the power of connectedness. To creation. She slides to the horizon above planet earth. Helping me understand the infinite flow of energy manifesting above the planet. Filling the space, waiting to accompany human form. Learning. Stumbling. Dying. Learning. Stumbling. Dying. Feeling. Expressing. Dying. Reincarnating until the cycle is complete. Until the spirit has acquired every lesson in the evolution of consciousness. Love. Connectedness. Understanding. Love. Compassion. Trust. Trust in all. Trust in the master plan. Trust that all their suffering has been worth it in the plan to assist in connected evolution. Giving guidance to the souls that twinkle in their footsteps. We are here. We have seen. We have felt. We have lived. We are life. And life is all that we will ever be. 

This planet will be healed. We will be sure of it. Planet earth will become more aware. Better able. Birthing into the beautiful process of love and creativity. Only to create the existence of galaxies across the cosmic lands. Repeating the cycle. We understand. There will be struggles along the way. But we will help. We will always help. We are family. We are life. And the process will carry on in the trusting hands of the cosmos. Call for us, we will arrive. You will learn. And you will evolve. Just as we all do."


Below is a wonderful representation of the plant medicine, Mother Ayahuasca, by Aubrey Marcus, Dr. Dan Engle, and more. Ayahuasca isn't for everyone... but perhaps, when one receives the calling.... we should be picking up the phone.... much love, everybody..... much love, indeed.



Mother Ayahuasca

Waiting within the Jungle. Hiding within the nature of the trees… Patiently… Waiting… Accompanied by Love’s purest form. Wiring her intelligence within the Vines of the Amazon. Connecting. Collaborating. With the purity of her being. Feeling. Acknowledging. The lessons in which you were destined to learn. Embraced in the delicacy of Hearts’ opening Bobinsana. Holding her ground. Confidently. Exquisitely. Embodying the purest form of Acceptance… Love. Through everything she has been through. Through everything we have all been through. There will only be Love. And Love will always be the answer.