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Fitness. Meditation. Mindfulness. Nutrition. 

Enter Transformation

Would you like to become the best version of yourself? With the XPAND mentality we focus on enhancing our awareness towards our mind, body, and situation at hand. Our practice involves combining the mind and the body with our Warriors Under The Sun group training program, providing products to help build mindfulness and clarity, and respectfully sharing knowledge from around the world. 

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"I have had the opportunity to train with Zerin for the past five months. He is dedicated to his clients and passionate about their success. I have seen tremendous growth and development in myself and my core strength. Zerin’s detailed approach to each body movement has helped me gain discipline and understanding of my fundamental core muscles.
Zerin provides a wide spectrum of core and calisthenic techniques combined with strength and conditioning circuits. His full body approach maximizes your health and fitness opportunities. As an individual and group fitness instructor, Zerin is always striving to better the way he approaches each individual person and fitness routine. I greatly appreciate that Zerin is always looking to improve himself as he works with others.  I would highly recommend his services."
- Joshua Reams, 28
"I have been working with Zerin for several months and can attest first-hand to his aptitude as a trainer and fitness coach.  Zerin has a positive attitude and flexibility with my work demands.  More importantly, he is always on the lookout for new ideas to hone his training methods and stay on the cutting edge of fitness.  Zerin’s training yields good results in the short term and long term and with minimal wear and tear on the body.  After just a few months, I was in ample shape to climb Mount Hood with greater ease than my marathon-runner climbing partner.  I look forward to continuing to work with Zerin well into the future."
                - Max Held, 33
"XPAND was the push that got me to better myself. When I was younger I was pretty heavy and wasn't very motivated. When I got involved with XPAND, it pushed me into the mindset of becoming the best I can be."
- Drake Villarin, 14
"I can honestly say that XPAND was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I love working out with the group atmosphere. The leaders are awesome at keeping you in check with proper form and are always encouraging! I love XPAND!!"
- April Miller, 43
"Before I met Zerin I was doing a little bit of everything with not many results. Since starting with XPAND my motivation has incredibly grown with Zerin as my instructor supporting me along the way. This has been a life changing experience that I will not change and I am pleased with the improvements I have made."
- Alma Orizaba, 42
"At first glance, XPAND seemed like an extremely unnecessary part of fitness. After about 3 sessions I started to understand how much this would help me both mentally and physically. This is only do to the sheer support of Zerin and everyone else in the group. After only a few sessions I started to see results, such as increasing weight loss and improved mentality. After one month I can proudly say this program is not only an improvement on ones physique, but on their appreciation of themselves and others. XPAND should be a part of everyone's routine due to the fact that it simply molds you into a better person."
- Carter Wood, 14
"XPAND was an extremely uplifting workout that required physical and mental focus to be harmonized as one. The challenging workouts heightened the pleasure of the peaceful meditation at the end. I really enjoyed the motivation and support that Zerin gave us throughout the class!"
- Tony Delgado, 32
"XPAND is new age training. Incorporating cutting edge Attention Training with workouts that eliminate your desire to move the next day. It's the real deal. Attending Zerin's class was truly an exceptional experience. Thank you once again!"
- David Wright, 21
"Fun, fast pace, and a combination of cardio and strength training that left me feeling the burn. Whether you're a beginner or advanced this routine will get you the results you're looking for, and the best part is the coach. Zerin has a passion and the drive you are looking for in a coach. He truly has the heart of a great teacher!!"
- Monte Rolland, 34