"I can honestly say that XPAND was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I love working out with the group atmosphere. The leaders are awesome at keeping you in check with proper form and are always encouraging! I love XPAND!!"

- April Miller, age 43

"Fun, fast pace, and a combination of cardio and strength training that left me feeling the burn. Whether you're a beginner or advanced this routine will get you the results you're looking for, and the best part is the coach. Zerin has a passion and the drive you are looking for in a coach. He truly has the heart of a great teacher!!"

- Monte Rolland, age 34

"Before I met Zerin I was doing a little bit of everything with not many results. Since starting with XPAND my motivation has incredibly grown with Zerin as my instructor supporting me along the way. This has been a life changing experience that I will not change and I am pleased with the improvements I have made."

- Alma Orizaba, age 42

"Although enlightenment is what I achieved, it is not what I Initially sought through my meditation session with Zerin. Instead, I was seeking peace, tranquility, and a silent mind. It was only a few minutes into our session when I realized he could not clear my mind for me as I foolishly hoped he could. Zerin fueled me with suggestions and let me work at my own pace, at my own comfort level, instead of overwhelming me with instruction and guidance. He participated alongside me and made me feel very comfortable, it was encouraging. I exited this experience with the knowledge that I was capable of finding peace on my own, through practice. As it turns out, peace is not what I desperately needed at that moment. It was hope. It was the realization that I have everything I need. I am everything I need."

- Heather Corisis, age 21

"The XPAND classes always varied and I felt like I got a great full body workout. There were a good mix of weights and cardio to keep it interesting. I loved that whenever I said I needed more abs or I wanted to tone my arms, they would listen and give me exactly what I needed and asked for. I hate pushups but I needed them and I actually got pretty good at them with instructed consistency."

- Deana Anderson, age 42

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with XPAND. It was hard, hard work but with their knowledge, encouragement, and variety of workouts the trainers made working out fun with amazing results!"

- Darcy Marsh, age 42

"I highly recommend XPAND. Zerin is a great trainer! He is very motivating and is always prepared with the workout."

- Lisa Nida, age 48

"I loved the workouts because they are unique and attacked different body parts with each routine. Having the workouts tailored to help all of us meet our goals made every class feel sincere and personal." 

- Trent Beattie, age 52