Why Do We Get Onnit?

ONNIT and Aubrey Marcus have done wonders for the people of XPAND. The establishment of ONNIT occurred right around the same time period as our step into the process of mindfulness and we immediately appreciated the morals behind their method. Switching from olympic lifting to more natural movements, transitioning the diet from 'healthy' eating into real nutrients, and harnessing the tools of a positive mind. Aubrey's journey into the Jungle is what helped bring us to SpiritQuest, eventually revolutionizing our way of thinking and connection to planet earth. We believe ONNIT stands for healthy improvement of the mind and body, just as do we.

Expand Yourself With Onnit

ONNIT products have benefited multiple scenarios of our lives: gut health for healthier thinking and nutrient absorption, enhanced mental focus and clarity for the mind, sustainable energy for powerful workouts, and providing our bodies with purposeful earth grown nutrients for overall health optimization. ONNIT has helped us sustain a positive lifestyle by filling the gaps within our nutritional needs as a human being.


Enhance your body with highly absorbable nutrients. XPAND fully supports ONNIT's product line and personally implements them in our own supplementation protocol. Truly optimize your body and mind with purposeful supplementation. 

Key Minerals

  • Essential for overall body health

  • Excellent Calcium and Magnesium value

    • DiCalcium Malate and Calcium Bisglycinate Chelate

    • DiMagnesium Malate and Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate

Total Gut Health

  • *You are only healthy if your gut is healthy*

  • Benefits your brain and your body

  • Full of incredible pre and probiotics

Earth Grown Nutrients

  • Mineral dense

  • Full of macro and micro nutrients

  • Super high in antioxidants (inflammation)

  • Helps with detoxification process

  • Builds a stronger immune system

Alpha Brain

  • Binds the synapsis of neurological connection

  • Increases acetylcholine (focus and memory)

  • Natural energy flow

Shroom Tech Sport

  • Enhances oxygen utilization

  • Increases energy and stamina

  • Helps with blood sugar modulation

  • Strengthens immune system



Put yourself to the test with perfectly balanced artifacts of mass construction. Wrap your hands around the foundation of your future. Determine who you will be in this moment, and the next. Onnit's equipment comes second to none when it comes to quality, balance, and material.



  • Power

  • Explosiveness

  • Weight distribution

  • Understanding momentum and timing

  • Balancing of muscle tension and energy

Steel Mace


  • Whole body conditioning

  • Grip strength

  • Posture alignment

  • Control of momentum

  • Understanding of centering weight

Steel Clubs


  • Rehab/prehab

  • Grip strength

  • Balancing one sided athletics

  • Rotational core power

  • Real world strength

Battle Ropes


  • Upper body stamina

  • Peak heart rate cardio

  • Punching power

  • Building an iron grip


Build an understanding for timeless methods of personal growth. Kettlebells, Steel Clubs, and Steel Maces used to forge the mold of Warriors for centuries. Fashion your warrior within with revolutionary techniques of primal fitness and build a foundation stable enough to withstand the storm. 


  • Evolve into a Life-Changing Coach

  • Enter an Industry-Changing Team

  • Unite with a World-Changing Company

  • Connect to the Global Trainer Directory

Core Principles: 

  • Unity in Diversity

  • Search for Truth

  • Balance

  • Leadership

  • Empowerment


  • Foundations ($495)

  • Durability ($995)

  • Specialist: Steel Mace ($995)

  • Specialist: Steel Clubs ($995)

  • Specialist: Kettlebell ($995)


Aubrey Marcus


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