The Journey Begins

Three weeks ago, I received a phone call of a lifetime with a decision to be made within 48 hours. A decision that would stir up the positive momentum of the last several months. A risk of resetting everything that has been worked towards. A chance to indulge in true self development. A trip to East Asia on the whim of a brother's word.

"Just trust. Trust the process. Trust the plan." 

XPAND was beginning to blossom and momentum was being had with a distinct plan of action for the next 3 months... Contemplation began to take course. The analysis of what I thought was the plan compared to the bigger picture. For myself. For my loved ones. And for this planet. Reset? Nah, altered for the chance of superior growth. We grow from the growth of others. We live through the lessons experienced by those around us... If we allow ourselves to. 

"I'm all in, brother. Let's do this."

5 weeks. 4 countries. And an opportunity of a lifetime. Paying It Forward in its finest of moments. The Now. For The Future. For The Good Of All. 

Respete el sendero. 

- Zerin León Beattie