Warriors Under The Sun

Finish your long day with a refreshing and exhilarating exercise routine beneath the setting sun. Our mind and body program operates with unique ONNIT tools, Thai Pads, bodyweight, and multipurpose items from the area. This program ends with a 5 minute meditation session to enhance the connection with your body, absorb your hard work, and solidify your foundation. Join us for a one of a kind experience in the Treasure Valley. We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Event Times and Locations


  • Monday Wednesday Friday
    • 7:05am-8:05am
  • C.W. Moore Business Plaza (Penthouse Suite)
    • 50 S 5th St, Boise, ID 83702

*3 Energizing Team Training Sessions Per Week*


  • Monday Wednesday Thursday
    • 5:15pm-6:15pm
  • C.W. Moore Business Plaza (Basement)
    • 50 S 5th St, Boise, ID 83702

In-Home Personal Training

Get in the best shape of your life in the trusting hands of XPAND! With our special Traveling Trainers we bring the gym atmosphere to your front door. Committing to a fitness program is an excellent way to conquer goals, but we take a different approach to the health and wellbeing of our clients. XPAND is known for creating a fun environment, fully customizing a program to fit your needs and giving our complete attention to you and your goals. 

Prices: 1 Hour Session

  • Single Session: $120
  • Monthly: $999 = 3 Sessions per week
    • Complementary Perks:
      • Free XPAND t-shirt and specialized meditation pack

Meditations Of The Gathering

Understanding the importance of sustaining clean and healthy energy within our environment plays a prominent role in the health of our core being. Meditation and the utilization of certain plants can bring healing, stillness, calmness, revelations, and vivid visions into ones state of consciousness. These powerful experiences can act as gifts and lessons to be used during our everyday lives and embrace our higher self.


  • Personal Sessions ($50)
    • One on one interaction to help you fully understand the benefits of the process.
    • Deeper self discovery and personal focus.
    • Cleansing of your household energy and further explanation on the plants used. 
  • Group Sessions ($25 + $10 per person)
    • Creates a loving environment where everyone's energy plays a role in our connection and experience.
    • Builds camaraderie, compassion, and respect for those around you.  

Types Of focus training

  • Vipassana (mindfulness of breathing)
    • Deep focus on the movement of breath through your nose.
    • Heightens concentration and awareness of the body.
    • While the main attention goes to breathing, you will become more familiar with the other natural sensations through your body.
  • Body Scanning
    • Feeling through the sensations of your own body and being on a much deeper level.
    • (Best results are done post workout routine)
  • Open Monitoring Meditation
    • Living without attachment and allowing thoughts to come and go as they please.
    • Learning to acknowledge and accept an idea instead of reacting with emotion.
  • Metta Meditation (compassion focused)
    • Expressing sincere compassion and well being for all
      • Starting with oneself
      • Progressing to a good friend
      • Progressing to a "neutral" person
      • Focusing on a difficult person
      • Applying to all four of the above equally
      • Finishing with the entire universe
  • Analyzation Meditation
    • Observing and dissecting a specific scenario in your life.
    • Neutrally analyzing the situation from every possible angle and doing your best to understand why each component exists as it does. Example: (Past traumas of other people that influence their decision making skills, fears, current struggles, ego, or personal traits.)
  • Visualization Meditation
    • Visualizing memories or beautiful scenery with distinct detail.
    • Picturing the trees moving with the wind, the smell of the mist gently hitting the rocks, and the active animals in the distance. 
  • Gazing Meditation 
    • Solely focusing on an external object (candle, image, or symbol) with your eyes open and closed to enhance both your levels of concentration and visualization.  
  • Chakra Focused Meditation
    • Paying close attention to the seven main centers of energy in our bodies (chakras) and putting proper intention and acknowledgement into each one.
  • Body Awareness and Mental Focus
    • Relax and allow your body to function in its natural state.
    • Tune into the slight movements your body naturally undergoes.
    • Pick specific locations on your body to feel and move energy towards. Example: (Try pinpoint the exact same spot on both forearms and become familiar with the way your muscles operate.)
  • Emotional Gratitude
    • Express a deep level of gratitude towards the things that bring you joy and happiness.
  • Sounds and Inner Vibrations
    • Meditation centered around the way sounds and vibrations influence our state of mind.
    • Using Binaural Beats and music from various cultures to help capture our natural state.