The Calling Shirt - Men's

The Calling Shirt - Men's


Material: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton with non-synthetic fibers.

Honor Note: To maintain the chosen fit of the shirt, lay flat to dry for the best performance of the material. Thank you!


The Calling

Have you prepared? Good. Only time will tell. Your thoughts are scattered, I see. Fear holds no place here. Trust in the courage that led you here. Trust in the process of your evolution. Trust in The Calling in which you received. Trust in the preparation before you. Trust in the preparation within you. Trust in the helping hands around you. The time is now. Take a step. And proceed through the fabrics of ‘self’ discovery. Relax… We are here.. We are one.. Take a sip. Now gather around… Can you hear that? They’re coming... Ahh, hear that? They’re coming. Sssssssshhhhhhh beautiful being, there’s no need to worry. You’re in good hands.

Para el bien de todos.

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