Mother Ayahuasca Shirt - Men's

Mother Ayahuasca Shirt - Men's


Material: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton with non-synthetic fibers.

Honor Note: To maintain the chosen fit of the shirt, lay flat to dry for the best performance of the material. Thank you! 


Mother Ayahuasca

Waiting within the Jungle. Hiding within the nature of the trees… Patiently… Waiting… Accompanied by Love’s purest form. Wiring her intelligence within the Vines of the Amazon. Connecting. Collaborating. With the purity of her being. Feeling. Acknowledging. The lessons in which you were destined to learn. Embraced in the delicacy of Hearts’ opening Bobinsana. Holding her ground. Confidently. Exquisitely. Embodying the purest form of Acceptance… Love. Through everything she has been through. Through everything we have all been through. There will only be Love. And Love will always be the answer.

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