Mapacho Magnifico Shirt - Women's

Mapacho Magnifico Shirt - Women's


Material: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton with non-synthetic fibers.

Honor Note: Women's clothing fits true to size.


Mapacho Magnífico

Shedding the veil. Commitment to the breath. Learning to listen deeper into the fabrics of who we are. Deeper into the fabrics of collectivity as a whole. Tuning our radio to the frequency of the moment. Relaxing into the realness of intention. Syncing deeper into the resonance of the ambiance. There are lessons to be shared. There are lessons to be heard within the purifying narrative of Nature. Messages from the unknown. Protectors of peace. Blenders of the tune. Enhancers of the song. Mapacho, Magnífico. Mucho respeto por usted. For the roles in which you play. For the stories in which you share. Mapacho… Magnífico.

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